Issues with ACARS!

posted by Matthew Denton on 2019-02-11

Recently some of our pilots have been having issues with the ACARS systems. After talking with the developer, we have been advised to check our games, their files, and FSUIPC to ensure that everything is Updated/Working correctly. It is important to update FSUIPC when new versions are released as this program is the one relaying information to the ACARS.

If you are still having issues ensure that game files are still there. For FSX SE, AND XPLANE 11 (OR ANYTHNG ON STEAM), This is a way to check

Open steam/ right click correct app/ click on options/ click the tab files/ check file integrity. This will go in and fix missing files for you steam apps.

If you should encur anymore issues please be sure to send an email to a CEO, COO, OR DHR. We will continue monitoring our website and emails.

Thanks for being a part of SkyKing Virtual Alliance, please enjoy your flight!